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Prepaid Verizon Phone Plans

So Verizon Wireless has joined the prepaid wireless game and you’re not sure where to start. Don’t worry at all! I’ll go over some information about Verizon’s prepaid service and help you find the plan that will fit you the best!

Missed Phone Call From A Mystery Number? Get The Mystery Callers Details Instantly

Keep missing that mystery number calling you? Or maybe it was just a one-off? Either way you can easily and quickly track down the details of your mystery caller. Read on to find out how.

Missed Phone Call From An Unlisted Number? Get The Unlisted Callers Detail’s Instantly

In the past finding the details from the owner of an unlisted number was tough, almost impossible. However now you can find out such information you just have to know where to look. Read on to find out how to instantly get the details of the owner of an unlisted number that you may have as a missed call.

Verizon 2011 Blackberry Plans

Verizon Wireless has four types of plans available to customers. They are the Individual, Family, Prepaid and Mobile Broadband plans. Read on to discover the costs and features of each plan.

Physical Keyboard Androids Versus Virtual Keyboards

Most of the Android phones make use of virtual keyboards, however, for most users it is still quicker to type using a physical keyboard. Traditionally BlackBerry has dominated that physical QWERTY keyboard. However, particularly the Droid Pro and HTC EVO Shift Android devices are increasing in popularity amongst physical keyboard fans. One of the great thing about the Android Operating System is the flexibility you have, allowing you to customize your phone exactly how you want it. The same is true for the Keyboard, which is an important part of your phone as you will be using it frequently to text messages and send emails. These innovative apps are designed to increase typing speed and accuracy on the virtual keyboards. Many virtual keyboard users will argue that with the help of these apps they can type as quickly and accurately as physical keyboard users.

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