Google Pixel 7, 7 Pro and 6A: Everything We Know

A Creepy Way To Find Out A Mystery Caller

Are you looking for a way to find out who called? Here’s a creepy way to do it.

Seeing a Phone As More Than a Phone

People use their phones every day and never really think about the technology that goes into getting a call, sending a text and getting online with a cell phone. Most people know when it works and when it doesn’t work but they don’t really know what makes it work. Then there are those people who know the ins and outs of cell phones (like many other pieces of technology equipment) such as how they work and the different parts that they are constructed from and the function of those parts. For instance, some people know all the little pieces inside of a iPhone and how they work while others might view the iPhone as one part. There are many people out there that could each be considered an iPhone parts pro.

Search Online For Used Electronic Hardware

When your phone craps out on you, it can feel like your entire world is crumbling around you. For better or for worse, Americans have become incredibly dependent on various electronics like cell phones, because the have completely revolutionized the way that people work, interact, and develop and maintain social bonds. If that piece of technology suddenly gets taken away, it can be a major shock. Which is why you completely freaked out when your phone went on the fritz, and you took it into the Apple store only to be told that you needed to buy a new iPhone 3g logic board if you ever wanted it to work again. Unfortunately, this new iPhone 3g logic board would cost you an arm and a leg, so close to the value of the phone itself that you started to wonder if you might as well just scrap the whole “fixing” plan and instead skip ahead to buying one.

Save Yourself Space and Money by Selling Your Old Phone

When most people upgrade to newer phones they often don’t know what to do with their old ones. Most of the time the old versions collect in a drawer somewhere or go into the trash can to service no purpose at all. However, these parts can be recycled and reused for newer phones. Many people don’t realize that they can sell these old phones and turn a profit. This is extremely beneficial when you’re looking to upgrade because selling your old parts means that you will make money to pay for your new phone. This means you can get the best one available since you would have some extra money to go towards it.

Replacing Your iPhone 3G Motherboard – Worth It or Not?

For anyone who owns an iphone (or any electronic device, for that matter), it is a safe assumption to make that there will come a time when some part of it will malfunction or break all together. When most people get a new iPhone, they treat it with the utmost care, handling it more like a puppy or a baby than like a machine. By being diligent about keeping it in a protective case and not throwing about will nilly, people try to preserve its brand new condition for as long as possible, fearing every little scratch as if it were the end of the world. Of course, it is only possible to maintain this for so long. After a while, the iPhone is bound to get dropped. People become careless and leave their phones plugged in too long, which overcharge them and run down the battery, or they leave it on the table while they are eating and end up accidentally spilling a drink on it.

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