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Difference Between CDMA and GSM Mobile Phones

Today almost everyone has a cell phone. For some good time now the mobile phones have taken over the hearts of all the people out there due to their lovely and amazing setting. Only few want to receive and make calls. As time has gone by, many cellular firms have emerged in the market and this has helped to improve on the technology. In line with the change in technology, the best two wireless transmission services have come up with the likes of GSM and CDMA.

Nokia’s Greatest Hits!

Until recently the Finnish firm Nokia, was the king of mobiles producing and mass marketing classics and high end superphones that rivals just couldn’t match. Then it all unravelled: The Koreans introduced wave upon wave of high style low price handsets. Then the iPhone arrived knocking Nokia out of the smartphone throne. Where did it all go wrong and can a forced marriage to long time rival Microsoft reverse the decline?

Solar Phone Charger Ensures Good Cell Phone Performance At All Locations

Investing in a solar phone charger makes it possible to charge a phone on the move. By using such chargers, a person does not have to depend on electricity to charge his phone.

Cheap Cellular Phone Deals

These days, you don’t need to wait until Christmas or the New Year to avail a mobile phone on sale. Deals, today, are announced almost all throughout the year and people can now buy a cellular phone at cheap rate from these deals.

Nokia E6 Deals – Excellent Phone With Unlimited Deals

Latest talk of town is the Nokia E6, a smartphone had has been recently launched by the very trusted brand Nokia. Any information and detail about this smartphone seems to generate lot of curiosity in the market. This is the next chapter of the Nokia E-series, the unique features of this smartphone are a VGA screen and QWERTY keypad which is unconventional as compared to other stereotype Nokia handsets.

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