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Role of Cell Phones in Our Lives

Science and technology have given us many a miraculous innovations, which have simply revolutionized the way we live. But they have also brought about many destruction and adverse effects in their wake. The story of cell phones is somewhat similar.

Usage of Mobile Phones and Its Effects on Public Health

Ever since the invention of mobile phones, this technological wonder has never looked back. Starting from the first ever chunky, heavy cell phones with the minimum possible features and functionalities to the high-end phones with mind-boggling features called smart phones available these days, cell phones have always caught on with the public.

The HTC Desire Z Provides Android-Based Functionality

The HTC Desire Z is expected to be released soon and already is highly anticipated. It is a compact unit which measures 119 mm x 60 mm wide within which it provides an impressive range of useful features and functions backed up by an impressive operating system.

The Blackberry Playbook Awaits Its Entrance

The Blackberry Playbook is the highly anticipated unit from Blackberry, which is expected to give the Apple iPad a run for its money. The unit offers a wide range of innovative technology and provides enhancements compared to its rivals, such as Adobe Flash functionality. The tablet utilises a 1 GHz dual core processor in addition to providing 1 GB of RAM. The unit will offer 3G access by virtue of existing Blackberry service plans.

Become an Expert at Saving Money on Roaming Costs – 3 Secret Steps to Cutting Phone Costs Abroad

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re so busy packing and completing work and personal tasks before departing for a trip abroad that you forget to think about details like how you’re going to communicate while away from home. These 3 secret steps will help you save on roaming costs and return home relaxed.

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