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What You Should Know Before Buying An iPhone 4

It’s hard to deny the appeal of the iPhone 4. It’s an attractive, versatile phone that does lots of things very well. But whether or not it is the right smartphone for you depends on whether you’ll really take advantage of its various benefits. You may end up with an iPhone 4, or maybe the upcoming iPhone 5, but you owe it to yourself to check out all the great new features and capabilities that some of the other new smartphones on the market are offering as well.

Is The iPhone 5 Set For A Dual Core Processor?

A criticism of previous iPhone is the battery life that they offered and potential customers would love to see better usage times from the new iPhone 5. If the past is anything to go by we can expect this model to offer the best battery performance of any iPhone.

iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S to Feature Same A5 Chip Set?

As the new iPhone 5 nears its official release date and Apple try to keep as much information as they possibly can under wraps (even employing two guards to keep the new device a secret!) there have been some leaked images just exposed which bring into question just what the difference is to be between the iPhone 5 and rumoured iPhone 4S. These newly published pictures show clearly a brand new A5 dual core processing chip inside the new fifth generation phone casing along with some other interesting points we’ll return to below, but most interesting and baffling of…

The Rising Popularity of Dual SIM Phones

Dual SIM phones, today, have become extremely popular, particularly with the youth. These phones ensure that you have the option of keeping two separate numbers active in a single phone and you can receive and make calls from two different networks. While cheap dual SIM phone have made vast inroads in the mobile phone market, the sad part remains that only few of the reputed manufactures are making dual SIM phones.

iPhone 4 Deals Discounted As Release of iPhone 5 Nears

The release of the new 5th generation iPhone is just around the corner and with this in mind many retailers are now heavily discounting their current iPhone 4 deals as they shift stock to make room for the new handset. The popularity of the new Apple iPhone 5 is absolutely immense, even generating even more interest than the release of the current iPhone 4 but will consumers opt to buy an iPhone 5 in this economic climate? With many families struggling to pay bills and job security at an all time low will people really shell out the…

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