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What Nokia and Microsoft Stand to Gain From the Deal

The Microsoft Nokia deal has drawn the attention of the mobile application development community, the experts and industry players. Ever since the smart phone platforms challenged Nokia’s strong hold on the mobile industry it had changed the entire landscape resulting in the new deal we are witnessing today. Nokia had been considering its options to stay in the market.

Nokia Microsoft Deal, a Positive Move for Developers

The edgy competition in the mobile industry and the current scenario has pushed Nokia to partner with Microsoft. Ever since Android emerged on the market giving a tough competition to traditional mobile companies it has shaken the confidence of its rivals. A major shift is being witnessed in the smart phone war and mobile application development community is buzzing with activity trying to win the end users.

Video Calling Apps for Video Calls From Verizon iPhone 4 to Non-iPhone

If you want to save the money that you use on phone bills then get the new iPhone. It’s not only cheap but also helps you to make video calls. The advantage with video calls Is that they won’t deduct any money from your air time. Even if you initially started with a voice call the charges will stop as soon as the video call commences.

Getting Your Child or Elderly Relative a Mobile Phone Can Spell the Difference Between Life or Death

Mobile phones are gadgets that we normally use for business and to most teenagers, for their flirting pleasures. But one idea that some Americans are having is getting their child or a elderly loved one mobile phones so they can get to call them or 911 in case of a dire emergency. In recent news we can hear of children in need of help who couldn’t get one because of the lack of communication when they need it the most. Children in a community center are gradually being thought how to use a mobile phone with responsibility and to only dial 911 if it were a true emergency. Elderly people in retirement homes who are not mobile phone savvy are thought on how to call and dial their relatives in case they were alone when something happens unexpectedly.

HTC Desire Z: Get the High End Features With Lucrative Offers

HTC Desire Z has reached to the many users with the help of lucrative mobile phone deals. Here, the users have entertained very lucrative deals.

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