How Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY works.

The White Apple iPhone 4S Now Has Identical Deals to the Black iPhone 4S

For the first time since Apple introduced the iPhone to the market consumers can choose between either black or white iPhone 4S deals as the manufacturer released both colour schemes at the same time. With the previous iPhone 4, the white model was not available for a full seven months after the release of the black edition leaving many bewildered customers wanting the newer white edition but unable to buy it as they were still tied to a minimum term contract deal. This has all changed with the release of iPhone 4S deals for both black and white…

Blackberry Curve 9360 or Curve 9300 3G?

The extremely popular Blackberry Curve 9300 3G has now been upgraded with the release of the new Blackberry Curve 9360 but when it comes to contract deals and prices plus what exactly you get for your money, which of these two handsets should a consumer choose? The older Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 is obviously now being sold at a cheaper price than the new 9360 edition but the extra cost of the newer handset brings with it the benefits of new technology, upgraded features and better functionality. One of the biggest changes between these two Blackberry Curve phones…

New Nokia Lumia 800 Gets Deals on O2 and Orange

Nokia’s first ever smart phone to be powered by the Windows operating system has now been launched in the UK. Nokia Lumia deals are now available on both Orange and O2 mobile networks and are surprisingly cheap offers for such a high specification handset. The new Nokia Lumia 800 was originally launched on O2 deals a couple of days ago and a free phone is offered at just 32 GBP line rental per month on the O2 300 tariff, however the Nokia Lumia has now been released on Orange deals and consumers can now pick up a free handset from…

Cell Tower Electromagnetic Radiation Plumes and Biological Life on Earth Considered

The human biosystem works on vibrational energy at the cellular level, but humans aren’t much different when it comes to their cellular makeup than other living species. Frequency pollution is a real problem in our society and it will become even a greater challenge off into the future. Think of it for a second, everywhere you go there is frequency pollution; Wi-Fi, cellphones, microwaves, sensors, radar, and cell towers.

Keeping Your Android Phone Secure

Today, having a phone as a means of communication is as normal as breathing but having a phone that surpasses just the normal calling, texting and perhaps the normal use of internet is something to be considered as great or ‘cool’ because what we now call a smartphone is a device to behold. How else can you explain an android phone that sends text messages, can receive and make a call, has a camera, can be a workstation when connected to the internet, one can listen to music and record or download it, watch videos, chat with friends or clients while using other applications on the same phone.

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