How Did They Make it This Tiny…?

How Companies Benefit From Software for Mobile Device Management

Have you ever thought to consider how your company could benefit from having an “expert” look over your mobile services? Do you realize how much money can be saved and how much more effective your plans can be? Read more…

iPhone App Article Posting

Check out the most impressive visual effect from the new iPhone application, Thermal Vision. The Thermal Vision application provides you with the mind-blowing effect of thermal images.

How to Use a Mobile Phone for Business

We are living in an age and time when telephone communication has become indispensable for successfully running a business – be it of any size or scale of operations. The mobile phone particularly has become commonplace for millions of people across the world. People now consider the ability to communicate through a mobile phone as ordinary.

McDonald’s “Coinoffers” Campaign Includes QR Codes

For many years McDonald’s has been reaching young adults and teenagers via out-of-home posters, radio and TV to promote “Coinoffers”, their value program. It was a countrywide mobile campaign involving smartphone app for iPhone or Android that scans custom QR codes. By scanning a code, the user collects coins and they need to collect minimum 10 coins to exchange for a menu item, but they can only scan up to four QR codes daily.

QR Codes And NFC In Bookstores

As books have become digital in the last couple of years, the next priority is to digitalize the bookstores  and increase the sales. Bookstores have to improve the purchasing process and integrate QR Codes and NFC chips in order to reduce the number of lost sales.   Among the other discoverability technologies, in the near future we will see touch screens, NFC chips and QR Codes in the bookstores and will use them for purchasing e-books and to build  customer loyalty with those who like to read on paper.

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