How to Connect a Meta Quest VR Headset to a PC (Hardwired and Wireless)

Enterprises Getting Ready For iPhone 4

With Apple releasing its new iPhone 4, most of its innovations developed to satisfy the needs of the individual users also apply to enterprises throughout the world. Now it’s the turn for a CIO and IT department to get prepared for this new smartphone release, and especially for a certain challenge: coming mobile enterprise applications.

The Latest Gadget, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Sony has produced a rather intriguing product with the launch of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. This innovation is seen as Sony’s competitor to the nexus one, HTC desire and even the iPhone. The company announced its release in November 2009, whereas, the product came into the market around March 2010. The question that arises here is that is it truly worth all that hype or will all those high expectations only lead to a disappointment?

THE Best List of iPhone Apps Ever – Part 2

So far I’ve shared 5 pretty great iPhone apps. Now I’m back with 5 more. These are tried and true apps that I’ve used over and over and have yet to be disappointed with either of them.

Nokia Phones – Price and Feature Comparison

Nokia are one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers of mobile phones, and even today with the stiff competition that they face from fashionable brands such as Apple iPhones or the Blackberry, they are still one of the most popular and best selling manufacturers in the world. One of their great strengths, which has helped them to stay at the top of their game and sell such a prodigiously huge number of handsets is the diversity that they offer. No other manufacturer has such a wide range of products both in terms of price and also in terms of…

IP Phones – The Future of Telephones

Since the first phone was patented by Alexander Bell in 1876, phones have been evolving to a whole new level, becoming smaller, lighter and even mobile. From the first phones who consisted of a body part, receiver, transmitter and several circuits for the simple extras and a ringer so that the user can be notified when he is being called and of course they weren’t so small as now, instead they were bulkier and heavy with the tendency to easily break down.

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