How to fix Apple’s dumb default touchpad settings

Telephones Are for Talking

There has been much debate and interest of late in new advances in Telephone technology such as the introduction of RFID payment modules into smart phones such as the iPhone, WiPho and Android handsets. There has been a proliferation of app stores from the major players whilst we have even seen court action over the very name ‘app store’. It is good to talk someone once said – they were right.

Free Phone Look Ups – How to Use Them

Nobody who has a telephone is immune to the risk of unsolicited phone calls. The reverse phone lookup system has done an important job of redressing an imbalance that has existed for too long.

The Beer Apps for the iPhone: The Cool Ones!

There are so many beers to choose from: Ales, stouts, porters, pilsners and too little time! How about your iPhone app actually helping you to navigate this vast and varied world of beer?

Reverse Phone Lookup – Helps You To Stop Annoying Unknown Calls And Regain Your Peace Of Mind

If you are someone who receives a lot of calls where either no one speaks or someone tells you something weird or even threatening in order to disturb your life and routines. The reverse phone lookup feature helps you in such cases where you need to find out who the caller was. The situation tends to be daunting when you try to locate the source of these calls. There has been no provision of an open source that would be able to provide you with the details of the cell phone numbers, including the owner’s name.

3 Reasons International Business Travelers Need a Roaming SIM Card

The global financial crisis of 2010 has lessened and business people are roaming overseas again. Instead of sending an email and relying on the response they are heading off to have a face to face meeting just to make sure everything is okay. However, these travelers are now much more cost conscious. No longer will a bill with exorbitant roaming charges be acceptable to the company bottom line. Those who are again regularly travelling for business need a roaming SIM card and the purpose of this article is to explain why.

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