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4G Technology and Smartphones

There is much hype about 4G wireless technology nowadays. With the launch of 4G networks from Verizon Wireless and Sprint, along with the release of 4G-capable smartphones, it is gaining popularity very quickly. But despite that, many people still do not understand what this is all about. Below, you will find practical information about this super-speedy wireless service that you can surely benefit from.

How Do You Know If a Phone Is a Smartphone?

You always hear the term “smartphone,” and yet you still don’t know clearly what makes these phones special. If you want to know more about these popular gadgets, here are a few things that make them different from standard cell phones.

Cell Phone Hazards One Should Be Aware Of

People use cell phones all the time. It’s one of those modern devices that most people think they wouldn’t be able to survive without. In fact, if you go and ask around what’s one thing that they can’t leave home without, most would say that it would be their cell phones. That’s probably because, aside from enabling people to communicate with other people, cell phones also provide dozens of purposes ranging from internet applications to work-related features, and more.

Blackberry Smartphone: Why This Is the Smart Choice

The battle between Blackberry and iPhone rages on. The iPhone is quite popular nowadays, as you would see a lot of people carrying this phone. This phone is great for so many things, including applications and games; however, the Blackberry wins hands down when it comes to professionalism and practicality. In this day and age, when everything needs to be done as quickly as possible, the Blackberry can serve the purpose of allowing you to receive emails for many different work accounts, to talk for free with anyone using the Blackberry Messenger, and to download WhatsApp so that you can communicate to people with iPhones without any charge. Once you get your hands on a Blackberry, you’ll realize that this mini-computer is quite hard to beat.

Texting Vs Calling: Which One Is Better?

Cell phones have pretty much dominated our lives. Right from the moment we wake up, the first thing we check is the cell phone, wanting to know right away if somebody made a call or sent a text message while we were sleeping. We also use this device during most of the day to communicate with family, friends, co-workers, business associates, and so many more.

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