HP Elite Folio Snapdragon Powered Convertible Unboxing

Getting to Know Android Phones

Android is the name used to address a stack of software which is composed of an operating system, a middleware, and key applications. The development of Android applications used on phones that operated through the Android software stack platform makes use of the Java programming language.

Why Are Smartphones Called “Smart”?

Smartphones are called smartphones for a very obvious reason. These mobile phones are notches higher when it comes to its advanced ability to compute as well as to communicate. The word “smart” is the perfect adjective to name this mobile phone invention since its platform is more high-tech and can definitely “outsmart” a regular feature phone in terms of speed, features, and connectivity.

After Blackberry

“Hello, my name is Tom and I am a former Blackberry user.” “Hello, Tom, welcome to the meeting.” “I’d like to start off by saying I became addicted to Blackberrys early in my professional career…”

Dual SIM Phones’ Rise to Fame!

Having just one option is pretty much not having an option at all, but a restraint. That’s why; if regular handsets do not cut the deal for you, fret no more as there are so many dual SIM phones nowadays. Dual SIM is a twentieth century innovation which allows a mobile phone to provide standby options for two SIM cards of the same or different networks.

Five Reasons to Choose Two SIM Phones

More and more mobile phone companies today are venturing into the dual SIM phone bandwagon since thousands of people have seen the rationality behind this device. As for the people whose eyes still find the great reasons behind this technology vague, here are five reasons that might shed light on you and realize that dual SIM phones are not just practical, but it can also be the best device to save lots of money without losing touch with the people in your circle: BUSINESS OR PLEASURE? HOW ABOUT BOTH?

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