Huawei Mate X2 Impressions

Recycling Mobile Phones And Various Options

Consumers are not often bothering to recycle their old phones and many are still in their homes collecting dust. Although consumers are being encouraged to recycle and reuse.

Why Do People Love Smartphones?

What is the attraction to the smartphone and why is it used by so many people today? My husband is all about the latest electronics.

The Groundbreaking iDevice Update Known As iOS 5

Apple has never been modest in showcasing its newest innovations whether they be hardware or software. The newest update to their entire line of iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices is known as iOS 5.0. Much like the previous 4.0 release, iOS 5.0 has sent shock waves of creativity and has once again increased the user friendly platform that drives their personal portable computing and communication devices. The following article will go through the updates iOS 5.0 brings to the table and how they will enhance having an iDevice.

Evernote One Of The Best Applications Available For The iPhone 4S

Evernote for the iPhone 4S is an application that you could find yourself using on a daily basis. Filtering the numerous notes stored on this software could be daunting so it is refreshing to see an excellent search facility incorporated to help you sort your data. Tap the icon at the bottom right corner of your iPhone screen and a search bar appears. In this bar you can type a keyword or title of the note you are looking for. All of your data is then searched and you are presented with the results. This may seem a fairly basic function but Evernote takes it a step further by making text within photographs searchable.

The Stunning Motorola Droid Bionic

The beautiful and sleek Motorola Droid Bionic is as technologically advanced as it sounds while giving you a handset that outshines all the others, thanks to its stunning design. On September 8, 2011, Verizon released this very capable smart phone and despite us having to wait an extra nine months to get our hands on this unique handset, I can safely say that it was worth the wait.

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