HUGE Apple Unboxing Extravaganza 2021

Facebook Introduces Pages Manager App

Just when you thought buying an iPad was the only resort to managing Facebook pages on the go, Facebook introduces a new management app: The Pages Manager app. This application answers the prayers of page administrators everywhere, as the app makes it easier for admins to effectively manage their Facebook pages from their mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 – In Detail Analysis Of The Samsung Battery

When talking about the smartphones, a good number of them suffer from the problem of being way too big. Heavy weight, giant power consuming screens and too many features crammed in a single cell phone are some of the probable drawbacks of some of the present day smartphones. Samsung Folks realized this issue and came up with a revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670. It is a recent launch from the world renowned cell phone maker and has become quite popular among the admirers of handy smartphones.

Android Apps for Mobile Devices

Android as an operating system for mobile devices was introduced in late 2008 and soon after its introduction, it gained widespread acceptance in the tech and developers community. The process of development of Android apps started accelerating at an impressive pace due to its open source nature since this opened doors for the third-party freelance developers. Eventually, Android has become the most popular operating system for the mobile devices and at present and its market share is second only after iOS.

Windows Phone Operating System

Windows Phone is the newest operating system on the market. Windows Phone has proven that specs do not matter if the operating system is perfected for the hardware requirements. This has even eluded iPhone which sees dramatic increases in system performance with better hardware.

Top 5 Android Apps of All-Time

The Android Market is becoming more robust by the day and sometime it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are a few apps that no Android user should be without.

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