I tested the Apple Robot – This is what happened.

Nokia N86 8MP Mobile Phones: Outstanding Handset!

Nokia N86 8MP phone is the latest member added to the family of N-series launched by the giant brand this time. This phone is full fledged with high end features and all the futuristic technologies.

Cellphones Improvements

Almost a decade ago, cell phones were a very rare item. These days it seems impossible to live without one. Cellphones are helpful and amazing devices and they are improving each year.

0800 Numbers – What A Carry On

This telecoms article is worth a read to find out more about the farcical sequence of events surrounding freephone 0800 numbers. There are so many freephone prefixes.

Nokia N85 Mobile Phones: Feel The Passion!

Nokia is the all rounder brand of mobile phones and is no doubt the most preferable among all the other mobile manufacturing companies. Nokia N85 mobile phones are really a smart innovation of the giant brand.

What Is a Sim Free Mobile Phone? – The Question Demystified

When you purchase a mobile phone in a shop (whether online or brick-and-mortar) you only have two options really: either the phone is sim-free or is locked to a specific network. A sim free phone is and can only be a phone that is actually able to take any sim card AND has been manufactured that way.

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