IBM’s Most Powerful Quantum Computer #shorts

How To Make Your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer

Extending the life of your battery can be critical, especially if you are away from where you can charge it. Many cell phones today don’t deliver a very long battery charge out of the box whether it’s an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre or whatever you got! So here are some energy saving tips to help extend the time you get out of each charge on your phone.

Best International Calling Card – Easiest Way of Making Cheap Calls Round the World

The cheapest way of making international calls and still pay less or them there are the best international calling cards. This is the smartest method because here you have the lowest call rates and full freedom of calling anytime and to any network.

3 Mobile Phones – A Necessity in Today’s World

A cell phone has become very affordable and user friendly. It has now become the need of time, the strongest and easiest way of communication. Cellular phones are in demand and are now available in many fancy models, it has become quiet a fashion statement and a significant part of our life.

Cheap International Calling Card – Talk Anywhere At Affordable Rate

The size of the globe seems to shrinking with the drastic globalization going around. Everything is so close and so connected in the world that there seems to be nothing like international. The fast moving life seems to make us forgets that we are dealing with other countries sometimes.

Apple IOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch Released

Woot, woot! Apple has released iOS 4.1 intended for iPhone and iPod Touch. So, what’s the latest on iOS 4.1? Well, lots of things including: The business foreshadowed the arrival of iOS 4.1 at its yearly fall press event last week along with included an overview of the latest features. The download is free via iTunes for iPhone along with iPod Touch owners. Besides upgrades to the latest features for games, photos, moreover high-definition videos, Apple are using this software update to zap numerous bugs at once.

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