iOS 15: Best features and biggest changes

How To Keep Up With The Tech World

People may find it overwhelming to keep up with all the gadgets and technology around. Here is an easy guide to get you started.

The Rise Of The Chinese Smartphone Makers

The successful implementation of innovative technology in smart devices by Chinese smartphone makers have led to their growth in present times. The transition from basic feature phones to smartphones in the past couple of years can be credited to the venerable players of electronic manufacturers – Samsung and Apple.

How Branded Refurbished Mobile Phones Can Be Good for Your Business

Refurbished phones are not only good for individuals who are looking to save on the latest gadgets. Businesses can also enjoy this as it is a cheaper, alternative way to get the best technology and low prices. You can get branded, premium gadgets of the best quality and not have to worry about warranty and after sales support

Sell Your Broken Mobile Phone for Cash and Saving the Environment

If you have a broken mobile phone, you should not keep in a drawer but sell it so that you can get some extra cash and do your bit in saving the environment. It is not wise to repair or replace a damaged phone unless you really feel the need to do so.

O2 UK International SIM Hack for Cheaper UK Call Rates

Good things do exist, such as this little workaround which helps O2 UK International Sim users to bring down their UK call charges from eye watering 25p/min down to a much more wallet friendly figure. Indeed, once done setting everything up, we’ll start enjoying the following rates:

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