iPad Mini and 9th Gen iPad review

How Harmful Is Mobile Radiation?

Our lives have become so much more comfortable than what it used to be 10-20 years back, all thanks to technology. From waking up in the morning and instantly getting updated with news from ’round the world to keeping in touch with friends, old and new, with just click, the world has literally shifted to our doorsteps, all thanks to the technologically advanced mobile phone in our pocket. With the advancement of mobile technology, things are getting more and more streamlined; data transfer is much easier than before and communication has never been so simple. But, is it all for the good? Every good thing has something or the other bad related to it. With mobile phones it’s the radiation emitted by it. But is it really that harmful?

Avoid Sleeping With Your Smartphone

A study from Stanford University found that 75% of the 200 students surveyed slept with their cell phones next to them on a nightstand or under their pillow. Almost three-quarters of 18 to 44 year olds sleep with their phones within reach, according to a 2012 Time/Qualcomm poll. The odds are that you and most people you know are sleeping with smartphones.

How Are Smartphones Enabling Usage Of Mobile Applications?

Apps make accessing information easier. Instead of going to a browser to get information, finding the same using an app is easier and more convenient. This is also important since people are spending more time on their phones and tablet computers than they are using their desktops. It is important to note that they are spending this time on mobile applications instead of mobile browsing.

Will Smartphones Cease To Be The Highest Selling Gadget Soon?

Phablets and slates with calling facilities, among other gadgets, seem to pose a serious threat to the sales of regular smartphones in today’s times where bigger is better. Everywhere you look, you’ll find people’s heads down, curiously peering into their smartphone screens.

Will Consecutive Discounts Help Nexus 6?

The Nexus 6 may have been launched with a lot of fanfare but it has not managed to come anywhere close to the success emulated by its predecessors. Unfortunately, the consecutive price cuts on the surface don’t seem to be helping this brand either.

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