iPad Mini vs. 9th-gen iPad, and all the other iPads

Current Day Smart Phones Are Perfect for the Pocket and Effective Too

Mobile phones are quite a rage these days. With more people accepting mobile phones to be a necessity, the growth chart is moving forward in an upward motion. This has quietly led to the emergence of a completely new genre called as the smart phones.

Accessorize Your Mobile Phone to Make It Look Unique

If you wish to customize your mobile phone so that it could suit your personality and lifestyle then you are in the right place. There are a lot of mobile phone accessories in the market these days ranging from covers to charms and headphones to speakers.

iPhone 6 Features and Complaints

iPhone 6 is one of Apple’s flagship phones. Following its yearly trend, Apple has launched its next flagship phone. Having released just another one of their models, it is time to revel in the glory of their newest range of phones. So iPhone users rush to your nearest stores to get the newest version of the iPhone!

mHealth Apps – The Future Of Healthcare

85 – 94% of all adults in the US own a mobile phone. 58 – 61% of the people who use cell phones in the US possess smart phones. One in every three of these smart phone users have searched for health – related information on their gadget. Roughly 52% of the smartphone owners in the US search for health information on their device and about one in every five users have a health – related app installed on their phone. This research clears one thing- no matter what anybody says, mHealth apps are the future.

Locking Out The Law

Why should Apple provide government a way to crack smartphone passwords? Builders don’t keep keys to the houses they build.

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