iPhone 13/13 Pro: Do new camera leaks make it worth the upgrade?

How to Use Location-Based Reminders on the iPhone

The Reminders app is useful for keeping track of the many things we need to do. It also provides the ability to set location-based reminders that will remind us to do something when we arrive or leave a specific location.

Mobile-Enabled Agriculture Services to Smallholder Farmers – Top 5 Tips for Success

Gains in mobile technology are increasingly recognized as vital components of development efforts and have a tremendous impact on advancing smallholder farmers’ access to agricultural advisory and financial services. With about 20% of the world’s population dependent on smallholder agriculture the need for agricultural products and services remains high.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Do You Really Want to Live Your Life “King Size”?

As most people know it, Samsung Electronics has a penchant for immaculately blending technology with style, to create devices which can just be considered as unique in their own sense. They also introduced the world to a new branch of devices called ‘Phablets’, which as the name suggests is something which has been inspired from phones as well as tablets, having the qualities of both and the shortcomings of none.

The Thinnest Smart Phones of All Time

The fight between the smart phones are ongoing. As the scope are increasing the competitive threat among companies is rising along with it. Features are getting modified day by day and the appearances as well.

Selling Your Used iPhone

If you want to make the most from your cell phone, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Selling your phone the wrong way could result in less value for you, if executed improperly.

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