iPhone 13/13 Pro Unboxing All Models: Hands-On & First Impressions!

A Short History Of Smart Phones

The term “smart phone” is used extensively by individuals in the communications market to describe a type of phone that is feature rich, and more advanced. There is always a certain mystery associated with the particular term, especially with the manner in which people use the particular term. Moreover, the term can be misleading to many people living in different countries, since it covers a much wider area while describing a modern cell phone.

Whatever Happened to the Pay Phone?

Today, in the United States, public phones are disappearing every day. Years ago, life was simpler than it is today. With pay phones, dial phones, no caller IDs fax machines or cell phones, things were not as complex. However, technology is becoming the norm in our world. We carry our cell phones everywhere we go. We send text massages, make phone calls, shop, and pay bills all on our mobile phones. We just can’t seem to get away from them.

Nokia Lumia 1020 – A Mobile Phone With 41 Megapixel Camera That Has Pro Features

Shoot photos like a pro with Nokia’s very own Lumia 1020 powered by Windows Phone 8 OS. Its 41 megapixel camera sensor with PureView technology and 26mm equivalent Carl Zeiss lens help you take high-definition images.

The iPhone 5s – Bringing the Future to the Present

The amazing new iPhone 5s is the latest offering from Apple, renowned for the innovation and design that has driven their iPhone series from strength to strength. The iPhone 5s continues in this strong tradition of excellence, piling improvements to its predecessor in another step of Smartphone evolution. As Apple’s tag line for the new product has it, the iPhone 5s is ‘forward thinking’, an example of a phone where every inch of hardware and every byte of software has been carefully considered and purposefully engineered towards a cohesive design goal.

How Well Does the iPhone 5 Hold Up the Apple Tradition of Innovation?

Every iPhone release from Apple receives a huge amount of attention, and for good reason – they’ve consistently released high-quality, highly innovative products that bring year-on-year advancements to the eagerly awaiting public. The iPhone 5 is no exception. As with all Apple products, a great deal of thought and effort has clearly gone into the iPhone 5’s design and aesthetics.

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