iPhone 13 is HERE…

HTC One V an Entry Level Mobile?

HTC has come up with a new Smartphone called HTC One V priced at $333. This is a mid-range priced Smartphone that boasts of a small profile. Let us find out what this phone is all about including the technology that powers it.

Mobile Devices: Keeping Up With a World Constantly Moving Forward

Mobile devices, sometimes called handheld computers, handheld devices or simply handhelds are taking the world by storm. When once, computers took up the space of an entire building floor, now they have become small enough as to be integrated into the machinery of a mobile phone. Computers have indeed changed our lives and the way we see the world today.

Are Disposable Cellphones Exactly Like Prepaid Mobile Phones?

Disposable cellphones are the latest mobile phone craze hitting the market industry. These toy-like gadgets operate exactly like actual phones.

Benefits of Cell Phones – Are Cell Phones Good?

In this digital era, the mobile phones are becoming an important part of our lives and therefore nobody can deny the benefits of cell phones. Currently, the cell phone industry has become the million dollar business and it is continuously expanding.

Check Out Electrify2 and Defy XT, The Two New Handsets by Motorola

A news buzz has been going in the technology market regarding the brand name Motorola. The recent development is that Motorola has launched two new handsets named Electrify 2 and Defy XT. Interestingly both these devices are available to US customers only.

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