iPhone 13 Pro cameras: Pro photographer reacts

How To Find The Best Smartphone Camera For Your Photographic Hobby

Looking for the best smartphone camera from all the top smartphones on the market today? Here are a few helpful tips to guide you in the buying process to save you money.

The Trouble With Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone may be harbouring dangers you are not even aware of! Recent studies suggest that electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones is damaging our body tissues to the point of altering our hormone development processes and compromising fertility. One 2010 study from Qazvin University in Iran has shown that prolonged exposure to mobile phone radiation affects testosterone levels and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) concentration in rabbits.

Cell Phones: We Love Them, But Are They Killing Us?

Yet another study is revealing the dangerous effects that cell phone use can have on our reproductive processes! Yes, that is right, your cell phone might be making you infertile, and it might be causing more damage than just that. The electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phone towers and mobile phones has been widely associated with health issues ranging from brain cancer to damaging sperm.

Mobile Phone Charging Technology

In the recent past, a number of learning institutions have been doing extensive research on how they can improve the time a battery can retain charge. They have invested quite a lot of resources on unveiling better battery charging and manufacturing technology. Some of the recent developments in this industry include the following:

The Big Decision: Apple iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note 4?

The moment is here. You are over with your old phone and are ready for a big upgrade, the upgrade that will affect your pictures, videos and your overall joy and experience of interacting with the connected and digitally social world in front of you.

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