iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 13 Pro / 13 / 13 Mini / 12 / 11 / SE – Battery Life DRAIN TEST

GPS Geotagging – Your Mobile Phone Has Many Uses

One of the great advances that GSP tracking has provided a mobile phone with, is the ability for geotagging. This is where you can provide information about a particular GPS co-ordinate, for example a restaurant, a pub or tourist attraction. It gives people the ability to personalise their own world, you can rate places, leave messages and put comments about the style of products, value for money or quality of service.

Quickly Identify An Unknown Cell Phone Number Owner With Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Calls from unknown callers can be upsetting, especially if the caller remains silent or hangs up as soon as the phone is answered. It could be a simple prank by a kid somewhere, or it could be a more serious case of deliberate nuisance calls.

Smart Phone App Development Is the Next Big Thing

Smart phone app advancement is constantly providing new tools and games for customers pretty much every day. Hard core users are always keeping an eye out for new apps. More customers buy their very first smart phone every day.

Android Application Development: Top 5 Must-Have Android Apps

Smartphones make life very easy, and they also make it possible for the users to work more efficiently and rapidly. The number of things your smartphone can do increases in direct proportion to the number of good applications you have installed in it.

Adobe Introduce A New Program That Will Feature On The iPhone 5

The introduction of Air 3 will be great news to those looking to take advantage of the internet facilities on the iPhone 5. This new model looks set to feature all of the excellent connectivity options that were present on the iPhone 4. This means that users will be able to connect to a WiFi network when in range to experience the fastest online service. The handset is set to support all three currently recognised speeds including the super fast “N” system.

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