iPhone 13 Pro review: attention to detail

5 Typical Repairs With Smartphones

The modern smartphone is known to malfunction for a variety of reasons. Mostly this relates to usage or aging issues. In most cases it is more cost-effective to have a smartphone repaired than simply to invest in a replacement.

Smartphone Display: Types, Pros & Cons

Gone are the days when everyday a new innovation related to software or functioning of a phone used to make the headline. Today it’s the innovation in looks/design and by looks, we connote a phone’s screen! Consumers today are gravitating towards smartphones that have big screens, emits true to life colors, images in ultra HD clarity, sharp text, vibrant and blur-free pictures, all that and more at budget-friendly prices!

Phone Repairs That Will Save You From Incurring Costs On A New Device

Nowadays smartphones are very high end devices in the market. But just like any other device, they are prone to getting damaged. Falls and slips are the most common issues that lead to damages on phones and other hand devices. Even if you have a cover on your device for protection, the manner in which it falls can still cause remarkable damages.

Android Phone – Unveiling the Hidden Features

Are you an Android phone user, but are unaware of most of the features it provides? Do you want to discover safer and interesting features on your phone? Go through this article to know some of the Android tips and tricks, which will be useful for you.

Most Common Problems of Android Smartphones & Their Solutions

In our daily use of Android phones, we are faced with several annoying problems. Get a closer knowledge of them and how they can be resolved easily.

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