iPhone 13 Pro Review: Battery. Camera. Everything Pro

Capture the World in HD With the Nokia Lumia 1020

The new Nokia Lumia 1020 gives you an incredible package of features, technical specifications and connectivity. Above all, though, it gives you an unparalleled on-board camera phone, an exceptional photographic facility that’ll have you snapping incredible images in no time. It’s this camera that has won the Nokia Lumia 1020 international recognition, including featuring in Time Magazine’s ‘Top 10 of Everything 2013’ list.

Why Buy IPhones, IPods and IPads? Unlike Other Brands, They Are Affordable to Repair

All smart phones and tablets are slippery like playing cards. And like a card trick gone bad, they can flip and slip and fall from your hands. It is sad when it ends in broken glass. It gets worse! Now that you shattered the glass, you are probably going to pay a lot of money to get it repaired. In many cases, it may make more sense to buy a replacement device. Apple smart phones and tablets are slippery too. However, the tips in this article are very specific to the 3 devices mentioned above. Why? They are readily repairable at affordable prices by shops which specialize in just those 3 devices. Many other brands do not enjoy affordable parts availability and a virtual army of able and experienced technicians. Although Apple hand held devices may cost more to buy initially, they can be readily and economically repaired when the tips in this article are followed. The following 3 tips can help you purchase a repair to your Apple device that will last, at a low price, while avoiding pain.

Popular Android Smartphones

Almost a decade ago when iPhone started the smartphone revolution, few would have imagined that within a short while, Android phones would end up dominating the market. The Android operating system with its open platform enables both hardware manufacturer’s and developers greater freedom to create products targeted towards customer satisfaction.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – A Next Generation Device for Contemporary People

Samsung Galaxy S4 is considered among the best smartphones of 2013 and this article covers all of its specs in details. Let’s find out the why everyone is looking for this handset and what are the major spotlights of this device.

Comparison And Selection Of Mobile Plans For Your Business

As is the case with any electronic device having a short shelf life, choosing the ideal cell phone and its rental package needs careful planning and proper consideration of your calling requirements. When several options are available which can fulfill your requirements, it is important to find the option that best satisfies your needs.

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