iPhone 13 Pro vs Pro Max – The REAL Deal?

LG Optimus One – The Budget Smartphone

Mobile manufactures have to be very creative when designing new products to keep reliability to high standards as well as provide additional functions and features to entice consumers. LG seems to have done just that with the new LG Optimus One. Amongst other things when it comes to technology, people love consistency and progress.

All States May Be Banning Cell Phone Use While Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board wants every state to ban the act of driving and using cell phones. This is great but we also need to remember there are other dangerous driving habits that need to be addressed. Actions like eating and putting on make-up can risk your life and others while driving.

4 Factors That Enhance the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone’s Experience

In order to attract a different niche, Samsung has recently announced the release of two dual-sim smart phones; Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos. The latest addition is basically a response to the growing competition in the smart phones market. Smartly designed devices have the latest 832MHz processor and a 3-megapixel camera.

Samsung Admire And MetroPCS – A Pocket-Friendly Deal

The Samsung Admire is one of the most affordable Android smart phones on the market. It is available for $129 from MetroPCS without any contract and is a perfect smart phone for those users looking for a cheap Android phone with reasonable functionality. Due to MetroPC’s cheap cell phone plans, you will save a lot within a relatively short space of time in comparison to the larger provider plans. When you compare the Samsung Admire to other Android handsets around, you may feel that it is somewhat lacking in functionality, but if you keep the price factor of this handset in mind, you will appreciate its limited short falls.

Download Games for Nokia N73

There are some pretty awesome download games for Nokia N73, and you can find them online on a variety of web sites for gamers. If you are into having the kind of fun that you never have to pay for, then why not try out these amazing download games for Nokia N73.

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