iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro

What Do You Look For In A Phone?

Speed Display OS Camera phone Quadband Technology Jiayu, the maker of world class smartphones brings you JIAYU G3 Dual-core Android 4 smart phone. It has all these features and more. Speed.

New to View: The Newman N1 Dual Sim Android 4 Smart Phone

What’s so unique about this phone? What features would make you buy this phone?

Consider Others When You Are On The Phone In Public

Most of us who have mobile phones use them in public. According to the latest statistics, more than 85% of all Americans have a mobile, 52% own a laptop and a rapidly growing 4% own a tablet or a newer class of combined tablet. That means at any given time, many individuals are on a communication device. It’s not uncommon to find people tapping away or talking away on their phones while walking, jogging or even eating in public locations.

Major Carriers Turning to Pre-Paid Cell Phone Service – Get The Facts

Metro PCS started out the massive shift from cell phone contracts to the pre-paid or pay as you go movement. It was much needed and made cell phone service to millions of people who wanted a cell phone but couldn’t or wouldn’t get caught up in a 2 year contract with the big 4 Cell phone companies: At&t, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. They didn’t have the best phones and they didn’t have the best service and to this day they surely don’t have much of a coverage area but yet the filled a huge demand that eventually got the attention of the major carriers who saw droves of their customers leaving after seeing how much money they were being over charged by the big boys. Times have changed and the big 4 are now shifting their attention towards pre-paid all inclusive cell phone service opening up a new market for third party companies to capitalize on this on this trending shift in the cell phone industry.

Android Application Development Company

Android came as a new wave in the ‘Mobile Application’ industry. This mobile operating system (OS) by Google completely stirred the smart phone application market as it was easily and freely available to the developers as an open-source platform. It has a large number of phone manufacturers and large variety of hand-held devices due to its open environment.

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