iPhone 13’s Face ID sensor leaked! Pre-Orders on Sept 17th? Plus, Apple Watch + MacBook Pro News

Consumers Guide to Smartphones

What’s a smartphone? Better yet, what makes it smart? As far as the technology domain is considered, 2013 so far has been all about the neat gadgets.

Get More From Your iPhone With Free iPhone Apps

When you buy the iPhone you already have a wealth of free iPhone apps in your phone. These are convenient apps you will need to operate day to day, in the mobile world at least. Many free third party apps are also helpful to you, and are available to be downloaded at your leisure.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Specs, Price and Features

All the latest round ups on Galaxy S5 confirm a super Smartphone that’s about to hit the market come 2014. Although all is not clear about what is actually contained in this gizmo, we have substantial gossip; a totally new thing from Samsung is lurking in the corner.

Who Is the Australian Communications and Media Authority?

ACMA is an Australian governing body representing a variety of communication mediums including mobile, TV, radio and cable as well as wireless internet. ACMA is there to serve both the consumer and the industry as a whole.

Tips When Switching to 4G Mobile Plans

Over the past 2 years, usage of the Australian 4G mobile network has skyrocketed. This has been due to two factors, the growth of 4G enabled mobile phones and the creation of three new networks over this time.

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