iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Galaxy S22 Ultra: Spec Comparison

Fix Water Damage To Your Cell Phone – Here Are the Easy Ways

In the hot summer months there is a greater demand for services related to fixing cell phones that have become in some way damaged due to water. This is because there is a tendency to carry our phones with us when heading to the beach, pool, or for a relaxing walk to a pond, lake, or river. If you have accidentally dropped your handset in the water you will need to find a way to fix water damage as quickly as possible.

How To Trade In Mobiles For Cash

Trading your mobiles for cash is still one of the popular ways of making money today. Mobile phones that have been released in the United States and Britain during the 1980’s are fast becoming a hot collector’s item that people are becoming pretty fond of. Collectors are more than willing to pay large amounts of money just to get a hold of these old mobile phones. Those who are lucky enough to have saved their old phones are in for a big surprise when they find out how much they are worth today or valued at.

Why You Need Your iPhone Fixed Fast

When many of us find that we’ve got a broken iPhone and we need iPhone repairs or iPhone glass replacement, it can be a really crushing feeling. For many it is worse tan many of the other things that could have happened, even if they are financially more important.

Making Sense of Family Cell Phone Plans

If you tried shopping for family cell phone plans as part of the back-to-school upheaval your family has just been through, there is certainly one thing that’s made itself clear to you – these plans get more expensive every year. Sprint, for instance, announced to holders of family cell phone plans back in the summer that it would not allow employee discounts to additional family members. That actually, would translate to hundreds extra each year on the bill.

Micromax Dual Sim Mobile at Lowest Price

Nokia, Samsung and LG are the big giant mobile industries in India. But now these companies facing the challenge form the Indian Micromax mobile brand. It’s strange but true Micromax has brought revolution in the mobile market by offering the high tech features in low price without compromising in the quality as well. Micromax mobile has given a challenging drive to all other mobile brands in terms of price. Micromax mobile has covered the 60% of market with its dual Sim mobile phones only. Its latest and advanced features and functionality in such low prices are like a cherry on the cake.

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