Lenovo, Qualcomm partner on first-of-its-kind Snapdragon ThinkPad laptop

Nokia E7 – AMOLED Touchscreen With Symbian 3

Nokia E7 that is expected to release in September, is going to be something that everyone has been waiting for. It runs Symbian 3 and enjoys good displaying features along with it. This popular mobile is famous long before its release.

Nokia 5250 – 2.8 Inch Symbian Touchscreen Smartphone Released

The Nokia 5250 was not originally going to be launched so soon but was released through the Ovi store to some individuals. The Nokia 5250 is a media centric phone which will focus on people who love to get interactive with their media.

Nokia N9 Smartphone – Symbian or Meego OS?

Nokia has not officially announced the N9 as of yet. However, this phone is rumored to be in production and for sale in the 1st quarter of 2011. This 160 gram phone will be one of the newest devices that Nokia is going to make available with its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, four inch screen and eight megapixel camera.

LG Optimus GT540 Android Smartphone Review

LG Optimus GT540 android is considered to be a smart choice for today’s generation people who want to be technically advanced. Even if you are the first time smart phone user then also this is considered a great device for your use.

Fears About Cell Phone Radiation – Can Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer?

In the early 90’s my husband and I sold cumbersome safety covers for mobile phones. We attended markets and demonstrated the microwave radiation using a machine that measures this. A woman came running up to our site and said that she wanted a cover immediately as she had just visited a friend with cancer in his kidney and his mobile phone ‘lived’ on his belt just over his kidney. In the same ward there was another man whose mobile phone ‘lived’ in his pocket and he had cancer of the testes. Did we believe there was a link between mobile phone radiation and cancer? What do you think?

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