M1X MacBook Pro to FINALLY get 1080p Camera + Redesigned iPad Mini 6 this Fall

Gaining Better Images With Top Phone Photo Editing Tools

Very few people have their digital camera with them at all times, so when it comes to taking spontaneous pictures, using your phone is a great way of making sure that you always capture the moment. The iPhone is ultimately the best phone to do this with because of its 8 megapixel camera but also its panoramic 28 megapixel capabilities.

Choosing Refurbished Phones – How To Go About It

Are you looking for a refurbished or used cell phone? Just what are the benefits of buying a used cell phone? Shouldn’t you be worried about the quality? Here is a look at all these and more!

Is the Inexpensive Nokia 105 the Most Profitable Cell Phone for Nokia?

It feels like cell phones are often used as a secondary handset device alongside our smartphones. Nokia still manages to make a huge profit of them, selling its Nokia 105 for $20. This phone is usually compared to a scientific calculator but as we can see, retail stores are still selling it. It’s the most basic phone you could find today, in the era of smartphones. It doesn’t feature fancy options like smartphones do, neither has an app store for downloads. Customers know that $20 for a cell phone that can send SMS, make calls and has a color screen is more than a great idea.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – A Techie’s Key to Happiness

Though there was a huge hype surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy S4’s release, we didn’t really register the device much as it seemed like a pimped out version of its predecessor the S3 to us. But even we couldn’t help sitting up and taking notice when it crossed the 10 million mark within a month which was thrice as fast as its famous predecessor.

Hire International SIM Card to Reduce Roaming Charges

The telecom service providers are helping travellers to reduce their global roaming expenses. By taking postpaid SIM card, you can also enjoy bundle of benefits during your international trip.

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