Mac Mini ‘Pro’ & M2 Mac Pro Leaks before WWDC21! Plus, New iPhone 13 Details!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Comparison Review

Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4, users are curious to know and even to get the experience of this device. But before you buy Galaxy S4, you must know how different it is from its predecessor.

Know The Basics Before You Upgrade to a Smartphone

Perhaps you are about to buy a Smartphone for the first time. No wonder, smartphones are designed to make our day-to-day task easy and convenient. But before you buy, you have to ask yourself if you are Smartphone-ready.

16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available for $200

Recently word got out that AT&T had stated a price at which it was going to offer the Samsung Galaxy s4. The information of the pricing was far overdue, people were really eager to know because everyone was in darkness. The information people had was that AT&T would be offering the Samsung Galaxy s4 for a price of $250 which would be on a two year contract.

Free Government Phone Is a Misnomer

The Federal assistance program called Lifeline is often referred to as the “Free Government Phone” program. However the program does not provide a free phone at all. Providers use the term to hook customers and politicians use the term to make it sound like another huge government handout.

Enjoy Low Cost International Calls During Your Travel Abroad

The travelers have now flexibility to enjoy international calls at cost-effective rates during their trip across the world. You can also take international SIM cards to save from huge roaming expenses.

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