Microsoft reveals new laptop adaptive kit for people with disabilities

A General Review of the iPhone Transmitter

Recent developments from Apple have witnessed the introduction of the iPhone transmitter into the market. This is a sound system that can be used in a vehicle or at home, either for entertainment purposes or for listening to your FM radio. Here, you would find out that the device is highly indispensable in your daily life.

Four Reasons to Switch to a Prepaid Cell Phone

Prepaid cell phone usage is on the rise with companies springing up to fill newly created demand. This demand has been generated because of the number of benefits prepaid provides, such as flexibility, less worry, simple to set up, and incredible money savings.

5 Key Mobile Pricing Trends To Watch Out For In 2013

Today I’m looking at 5 key mobile pricing trends I’m expecting to play out in the UK and other mature mobile markets during 2013. The continued evolution of smartphones and now tablets coupled with changing customer needs will require mobile network operators to re-think their pricing strategies in 2013.

Is Lumia 620 Just Another Budget Phone by Nokia?

Nokia has recently come out with its latest in Lumia series, the Lumia 920 that includes PureView. Nokia has also launched the 620 simultaneously but it is the lesser known budget phone in the Lumia series.

Deciding What Your Needs Are Before Getting a Smartphone

There are tons of smartphone models out there, and you can be hard-pressed in choosing what the best one is. To get the model that’s ideal for you, consider first what your needs are so you can narrow down the choices before eventually choosing the right one.

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