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Should You Use Anti Steering?

As a mobile phone operator, you may be frustrated that your partners send their roamers to competing networks. of course you could implement an “anti steering” platform. Is this a good idea? This article attempts to answer that question.

Reverse Phone Lookup – Ways To Help Your Business Succeed

There is no doubt that reverse phone lookup is a convenient way to find out who it was who hung up on you last night. However, it can also be a useful tool in helping your business become successful. Depending on your industry, there are many ways to use this modern convenience to your advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reverse Phone Lookup

A great new communication tool, reverse phone lookup makes finding information about a person or company much easier than it used to be. You can literally get all kinds of contact information and other pertinent facts when you are only starting with the phone number. However, this new technology comes with a number of questions as well, and the more you know, the better you can use this online capability.

4 Things That Can Help Minimize Mobile Phone Radiation

Researchers haven’t settled yet on how hazardous mobile phone radiation could be to an individual’s health but there had already been released studies that have showed troubling results that it would be worthwhile to minimize a person’s exposure to mobile phone radiation. Currently, there had been not enough government policies and mobile phone regulations that have been implemented around mobile phone used and its radiation hazards.

Mobile Phones and Their Cancer Risk

The recent salvo in mobile phone radiation debate errs on the caution side; most experts suggest texting some more than talking to limit such exposure. An international health organization recently classified mobile phone radiation as ‘potentially carcinogenic for human beings’ and called for more studies into the long term effects and consequences of mobile gadgets. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a subsidiary organization of the World Health Organization, has already examined almost a thousand probable cancer triggers ever since the year 1971.

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