Microsoft’s entire Surface reveal event in just 60 seconds (supercut)

Tips For Getting The Right Mobile Phone Offers Today

With lots of mobile phone offers today, how will you choose the best? Well, experts have provided some tips. These will help you make the right decision.

How Does The Cell Phone Affect Your Life?

There is no second opinion on the versatility of the cell phone. Nevertheless, there are certain shortcomings of the cell phone as detailed here below.

Is the OnePus 2 a Flagship Killer?

New smartphone maker OnePlus has been on somewhat of a roll for the past year. They launched the aggressively priced OnePlus One to a huge amount of sales success. The One was not available in stores or sold through any online retailers like Amazon.

New Xiaomi Update MIUI 7 Released

Xiaomi, one of the fastest growing giants in the smartphone industry has just presented the world with their latest software upgrade called MIUI 7. There was an event in Delhi, India today where the MIUI 7 was showcased.

Just A Text and Your Android Phone Is Hacked!

Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system being used by more than 80% of the smartphones. With such a huge popularity, the platform is also vulnerable to attacks. According to Zimperium, a mobile security firm, there is a major flaw in the operating system which lets the hackers break into your device just by sending a text to your phone number.

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