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LG 620g Review

Here’s a quick summary of an in-depth LG 620g review I wrote. I’ll just cover the basics here, and address the finer details in the full review. I’ve been using this new Straight Talk phone for a few weeks now, and I’ve had a chance to thoroughly test it out.

The Coolest Android Apps

While media outlets rave about the iPhone, some of the most popular new smartphones use the Android operating system. For those consumers that opted for phones like the Droid X, the HTC Evo 4G, or Google’s G2, there are also a wide array of mobile applications available on the Android Market. This article takes a look at some of the coolest Android apps!

Cell Phone Signal and the High Tech Phone

Many people get disappointed when they realize that their new, high tech cell phone does not have a better signal compared to their older model mobile. For those who are not really that knowledgeable about their gadget, this can be a cause for frustration and anger and the manufacturing company can take the flack of criticisms from dissatisfied customers.

How to Choose the Perfect Mobile Phone

A mobile is one of the most personal pieces of electronic equipment and one of the most personal possessions you will ever own and just like most people it will be the only gadget that you will carry on you at all times. Choosing a new mobile phone thus is an important task and one that many people find very hard to do.

Utilizing The Blackberry Spy Software

There are a number of certain situations where an individual may find that they have a need to know what a person is doing on their phone or when they are doing things on their phone. In many instances, a boss may feel it necessary to determine whether or not they have employed a worker who has integrity, enough so to stay off their phone when they are supposed to be working. This is especially true when the job field is not a traditional on site job. Parents may also feel that they need to know what their kids are doing so that they can protect them from harm.

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