My first day with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (unboxing)

Are You Making Your Mobile Marketing Personal Enough?

Mobile marketing is a very powerful method to get clients in modern times but make sure that your brand is sending out the right kind of message to potential customers is very important and you need to realize if you are doing things right. It seems like the biggest problem that a lot of mobile marketing campaigns have is that they are only sending messages that directly ask the audience to buy something instead of creating content that they can find relevant and useful.

Get A Swanky Wallpaper And Create A Buzz In Your Circle

Wallpapers for mobiles are a great way to customize your phone according to your taste. It not only gives a personal touch to your phone, but also helps you differentiate your phone from others.

Samsung Gear 2 Review – A Complete Guide to Samsung Gear 2

The Gear 2 is a cross between the all-metal look of the Pebble Steel and the plastic of the Sony SmartWatch 2. With the bulbous camera that disfigured the first Galaxy Gear (note “Galaxy” be gone) scaled down and built into the watch frame, it’s a pretty wearable thing. Samsung’s also shifted the home button from the side to the front, smartphone-style. It’s 5g lighter than the original Gear and 1mm thinner, but the screen is still 1.63 inches with an improved super AMOLED resolution. It’s waterproof to 1m now, too. Setup has been simplified, and NFC is no longer a prerequisite – with our good friend, and battery-sapping, Bluetooth you’re good to go – with instant connection and a range that we managed to stretch to 150 metres. Once synced you will receive message and call notifications, though texts take a whopping 10 minutes to appear on your wrist after arriving on your phone, so don’t use it for emergencies. The device also lets you answer calls without getting your phone out and the mic delivers your voice reasonably clearly without having to speak into your wrist.

A Dozen Tips for Older Texters

How’s your txting? Do you use one hand to type or two? Texting can be tricky for people who are still wondering why faxes went out of fashion. But since they are quick, easy and pretty cool, texting has become hugely prevalent amongst older adults. Here, we offer text etiquette guidelines, specifically customized for older people.

How Mobile Recharge Software Can Benefit You

We cannot do without our mobile phones. To be able to converse without worrying about the credit balance, you can take the help of latest technology – mobile recharge software. Know more about this technology and how it can help you to stay connected, always.

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