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Features And Benefits To Owning A BlackBerry Smartphone

BlackBerry has established credibility within the cell phone industry by creating a phone that is useful for more than just texting and placing or receiving calls. These devices can be set up to manage several email accounts.

Popular iPhone Apps

The universe of iPhone apps is big, but there are some top names that we all should know about. I present you the most popular iPhone apps. Apart from that, these are also the must have iPhones apps.

The Rise Of iPhone App Development

When Apple unveiled the iPhone to the world in the year 2007, the company had no idea that they were unleashing a very powerful product that would change the definition of the term smartphone. The iPhone has come a long way since then, and has brought four versions to the market, each more successful than its predecessor. The reasons behind this phenomenal success are many, but perhaps the most important reason of them all is that the iPhone supports the development of simple applications, better known as apps, that make using the phone even more amazing.

Motorola XOOM Compared With iPad 2

The whole mobile phone market is waiting for the next generation Smartphones and tablet PCs. Apple is well known due to its high end mobiles, and the very popular iPhones and iPads. After the grand success of Apple iPhones and iPads, the company has already announced the launch of its next version of iPhone. The second generation iPads called the iPad 2 are already available in the market since past few weeks and has registered a record sale of over one billion units during the first few days of the release of the device.

Get Connected Get HTC ChaCha

HTC Corporation recently announced the release of their new Smartphone that will be dedicated to the social networking segment. Today we find mobile phones with specialised features that are focussed to meet the requirements of a specific segment such as music, camera, business oriented and so on. Till now, no Smartphone was available in the market that was targeted towards the social…

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