Nest Cam (Battery) review: The Googliest

5 Problems Faced By People Who Own Phones Without Secondary Cameras

India has more phones than people, a fact which has become motivation enough for smartphone companies to come up with phones that cost less. Phones made by the likes of Gionee, and low-end phones like Moto E and Nokia 520, provide high-end Android and Windows software along with impeccable GUI.

A Quick Guide On Comparing SIM-Free Mobile Phones Before Buying

SIM free mobile phones are a fast growing trend these days, especially that there are a lot of hi-tech geeks who are always on the lookout for the best deals, more minutes, and the flexibility to change their mobile phones and plans without batting an eyelash. SIM or Subscriber Identity Mobile is a detachable chip that is placed into the mobile phone. This tiny chip contains data which can identify the subscriber and the service provider since each and every subscriber is given a numerical code that is unique to that subscriber and provider. The chip is assigned to the subscriber. The provider then registers the SIM in the subscriber’s name, so that there will be a distinct record pertaining to the subscriber who owns the said SIM.

Top Reasons Not to Buy a New High-End Smartphone Until 2015

If you are one of the geeks who are into high-end smartphones or if you are a normal person who can’t compromise using top of the line handhelds, here is a list of reasons why not to buy a high-end smartphone after the mid of 2014..Just wait for 2015

Tips for Effectively Reducing Data Usage on Your Smartphone

Truth be told; smartphones couldn’t have come at a better time in our lives. No one can refute the fact that smartphones have changed the lives of people dramatically.

How People Use Mobile Devices To Access The Internet

Mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone are one of the fastest growing segments of internet users. These devices are getting more and more capable, and can do many – if not all – of the things that most people want to do on the internet.

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