New Evolve 2 5G by BlackBerry (2021) Comeback!

Access the Apps You Want Faster on the HTC Rhyme

Access the apps you want faster on the HTC Rhyme with its intuitive Lockscreen feature allowing you to go to apps without unlocking the display each time. The feature is one of many offered by the HTC Sense interface which sits alongside the Android operating system to allow your smartphone to work better for you and your needs.

HTC One X and One S Joined by HTC One V Deals On O2

HTC’s new ‘One’ range of smart phone has now given birth to a third handset release; following the launch of the quad-core HTC One X and mid-range HTC One S, the new HTC One V has now been released on O2 deals in the UK. HTC One V deals on O2 start with line rental charges of only…

iPhone Vs Android: The Real Showdown!

One can evaluate and assess Android and iOS with different angles but neither perspective will be wholly right. One can evaluate them with the average user perspective.

Quad-Core Power From the HTC One X

Quad-core power from the HTC One X provides an extremely fast and efficient platform in which multitasking, game playing and web browsing among other functions can be performed more seamlessly then ever before. Along with a powerful processor the handset features an impressively large display and strong performing camera among its many other attributes.

Connect Easily With the BlackBerry Bold 9900

Connect easily with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and its NFC technology allowing you to share information with other compatible devices at very close range, and in the future pay for things with your handset. As well as this it offers a fast processor and an impressive camera along with plenty of storage memory.

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