Nintendo Direct! (Sept. 2021): Watch all the trailers revealed

The Samsung Galaxy Y – A Smartphone Ideal for Your Teen

If you are a parent of a teenager, would you get them an expensive Android smartphone such as Samsung’s flagship the S2? This might not be a good idea. The phone is too hot to be in the hands of an inexperienced youth. This phone catches to much attention.

iPhone 5 News Increases User’s Anticipations

This fall, Apple is expected to release two new smart phone products according to the iPhone 5 YouTube channels, the new iPhone 5 and iPhone 4+, which is said to be a better version of the previous iPhone 4. However, much of the anticipation revolves around the iPhone 5 release because rumors revolving around this device reveal that it is going to one of Apple’s best iPhones yet. Packed with iPad 2’s A5 chip, 64 GB of storage and 1 GB RAM iPhone 5 news states that it will be thinner, lighter and slimmer than ever before.

Cell Tower Valuation Q and A

How can landlords receive an accurate cell tower valuation of what their tower or rooftop cell site is truly worth? Isn’t there a database of cell tower lease rates available or a standard way to get a cell tower appraisal? Here’s a shocker that the carriers don’t want landlords to hear, that at least 25%, one quarter of all rooftop cellular sites and cell towers are not in compliance with their lease agreements. Just something to consider before valuation of your cell site.

Anxiously Waiting for Apple’s iPhone 5

Even though Steve Jobs has retired, he still has a lot of people in the palm of his hand. After all, the gadgets his company makes remain the “Apple” of the eye for most people. And a lot of people want to take a bite of out a certain Apple product: the iPhone 5.

How to Add a QR Code to Your Website

Get QR codes for your website in an instant and make your sites mobile aware. Know all about QR codes and how to generate them for your site.

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