NOKIA 3310 4G (2021) Pop Up Camera Edition!

The iPhone 4S Includes iCloud Integration

The iPhone 4S includes iCloud integration which enables you to automatically have your multimedia including music and photos backed up, and on all your devices seamlessly. The intuitive technology provides yet another unique feature of the phone series form one of the World’s most respected brands.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Offers an Impressive Single Motion Panoramic Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus offers an impressive single motion panoramic camera with both fast start up and zero lagging on the shutter to allow you to genuinely snap an instant photo or begin video recording. The handset features the latest Android operating system and is packed with new features which make communication easier than ever.

The iPhone 4S Includes Wireless AirPrint

The iPhone 4S includes wireless AirPrint printing capabilities which allow you to print directly form your handset from a compatible printer. Previously only third party apps had offered the ability to link to printers, however the manufacturer has stepped in to produce a built-in app of its own which allows you to print seamlessly from the device.

The iPhone 4S Has the A5 Dual Core Processor

The iPhone 4S has the A5 dual core processor which along with the advanced and also fast iOS 5 operating system provide a more power efficient, faster graphics and better performing handset. This allows you to do things more quickly as the phone takes less time to do the routine functions such as loading applications.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Has a 5.3 Inch Display Allowing You to Do More

The Samsung Galaxy Note has a 5.3 inch display allowing you to do more and see more at once and has both touch and smart pen input for the powerful Android operating system. The handset is considerably similar to a tablet and can perform many functions common to a PC itself, while remaining compact enough to carry around like any other handset.

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