NOKIA Minima 2100 4G (2021) Stainless Steel & Compact Dimensions!

Why Buy Blackberry PlayBook?

This article is a part of Blackberry PlayBook review, and will reveal some of the reasons why you should buy Blackberry PlayBook. Some of its pros and perhaps cons are also available.

Best Androids With Keyboards

You might be wondering if the latest trend with mobile phones is moving away from a physical keyboard to a touch screen keyboard. A large number of the premier Android phones don’t have a physical QWERTY keyboard; however, there is still a strong market for those that do with some good options at that.

5 Best Apps for Free Phone Calls on Android

They say the best things in life come for free. This fact might surprise you but you can actually get something free from technology, too. Although you must still shell out money to buy technological gadgets, the fact that some techie applications allow you now to do things for free is already something to look forward to.

Popular Blackberry Apps

BlackBerry apps are tools that give your smartphone the extra edge and help you personalize it according to your taste. There are many popular apps to choose from.

How to Determine the Warranty Status for Your Smart Phone

Ever wonder what options are available other than trekking back to the carrier (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile) store for an “exchange” or “refund”, when your newly bought mobile device is damaged or malfunctioning? Not sure who to turn when the mobile device you bought from eBay, online or from friends starts to act strange? Where can you go when the screen has cracked on your 4 year-old phone? Smart-phone factory warranty information is often miss-understood, however, by learning the basics such policy can save you big dollars when it comes to warranted repairs on broken iPhone or broken mobile phones.

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