OnePlus 9 Pro vs Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Test Comparison

Things to Look for in an Android Phone

Even a couple of years ago, when you talked about an Android phone, people would raise their eyebrows, wondering what on earth you were talking about. The scenario, however, has changed a lot these days.

What Is Mobile Broadband?

This article discusses how VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) provides an all IP network superior in delivering Mobile Broadband. Currently most providers are moving to an IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) core that will obsolete the current voice centric networks. In most cases these carriers are in transition and are providing voice over one network and data over a second.

Cell Phone Safety Tips When Driving

Safety while driving is critical and cell phones can be a great distraction. Texting accidents are frequently reported and many are concerned about ways to control this problem.

Mobile Phones For Senior Citizens

Many of the old people I know are fixed in their ways and they have the idea that they’re not up to using new technology. However, a cell phone in the hands of a senior citizen can be a life-saver. It’s pretty useless having a land line if you’re face down in the back yard after falling down.

Selling Mobile Phones And Recycling The Old Ones

Getting new phones around Christmas is very common. What do you do with the old ones?

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