OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung S21 Ultra Camera Test Comparison.

Prepaid Cellphone Rental the Key to Staying Connected While on Vacation in Jamaica

You don’t have to refinance your home or car to pay your cellphone bill when you return from vacationing in Jamaica. Roaming rates are really high but there is a cheaper alternative, especially if you have work or family obligations and need to talk.

Apple iPhone 4S Launched on Pay As You Go Deals

The news that many have been waiting for, the new Apple iPhone 4S has now been made available on Pay As You Go deals in the UK. For those consumers who prefer not to be locked into a long term contract deal with their new iPhone 4S this is great news, it also now means that even those with a poor credit score can finally get their hands on this latest Apple iPhone as there are no credit checks to pass when applying for pre pay phone deals. The first of the UK network providers to release the…

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Deals Announced With Price And Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the end result of months of speculation and rumours surrounding the next Google Nexus Android phone, initially thought to be called the Samsung or Google Nexus Prime the new Galaxy Nexus has now had deals, prices and a release date announced at a recent launch event. This new Samsung Galaxy handset is to be the first in the world to offer the latest Android 4.0 operating system which is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich and is a direct upgrade to the previous Google Nexus S model which was also manufactured by Samsung.

Software Designed For Mobile Device Management

For many companies, mobile device management is no easy task. It involves procuring, distributing, monitoring, managing, and supporting mobile devices from various manufacturers and service providers. At any one time, a company may have hundreds of mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices deployed and in use, with multiple service providers servicing them. Keeping track of usage and charges can make such tasks easier by using supporting software designed for this purpose.

Record Sales Figures For The Super iPhone 4S

Despite the initial negativity that surrounded the iPhone 4S it seems that customers who have actually purchased the model have fallen in love with some of the excellent new features that are on offer. The new A5 chipset that is incorporated in the phone has been lifted straight from the superb iPad 2 and its effect on the performance of this phone is massive.

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