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HTC Sensation XL or Samsung Galaxy Note – The Big Screen Decision

There have been two new smart phones recently released by both Samsung and HTC that offer significantly larger touch screen displays than the majority of other models, the new HTC Sensation XL and Samsung Galaxy Note are both bordering on being tablet sized devices but boast smart phone features. The HTC Sensation XL is very close to being an Android version of the Windows powered HTC Titan that offers a 4.7 inch touch screen whilst the Samsung Galaxy Note tops this with an industry leading 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note Launched on O2 Deals

The new Samsung Galaxy Note is by far the largest screened smart phone to be released by Samsung and sets a new precedent in the market by almost crossing over to the tablet form of an iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab. This new flagship smart phone from Samsung boasts an amazing 5.3 inch touch screen display which is a full…

The HTC Sensation Is Packed With Features And A Great Alternative

There are a lot of feature packed smart phones on the market today and a lot of people are looking for a reasonably priced alternative. The HTC Sensation has a host of features and is priced to be irresistible.

iPhone 4S Sales Slow As Networks and Retailers Run Out of Stock

The new Apple iPhone 4S has proved to be the most popular iPhone model released to date with over one million units sold in the first 24 hours of going on sale further bolstered by a four million handsets ordered over the following three days. This has apparently now caused a serious stock shortage problem in the UK with many suppliers now out of stock of the new iPhone 4S as they await further deliveries, and to further compound the problem there is still a huge demand for this latest Apple iPhone model. As it currently stands, the…

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Deals Offered By Second UK Network

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus follows on from the previous Google Nexus S released last year as the flagship smart phone for the Android operating system, this new phone was released just last week on Orange deals and has now found a second network partner with the launch of O2 contract deals in the UK. The Galaxy Nexus is to be the first ever smartphone to feature the very latest Android 4.0 operating system known as Ice Cream Sandwich and will also be the first handset to benefit from any Android updates before any other smart phone running the…

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