Oppo Find X3 Pro Review – wait WHAT!?

HTC Sensation XE: A Boon For Music Lovers

It’s all eyes and ears for the release of the new HTC Sensation XE smart phones. Even before HTC Corp. has officially revealed the date of availability of the new handsets in Asia, Europe and Middle East markets, these phones have created excitement even with those who are not tech-savvy because of its recent upgrades.

A Good Look At The HTC Sensation XE

Over the years, HTC has proven itself as one of the leaders in the manufacturing of smart phones. It is a brand that people trust because of its durability, and its use of the latest and the greatest advances in mobile technology. These technological features are now being applied to the newest set of HTC phones coming out of the company’s factory line.

HTC Sensation XE Mobile Phone: Designed to Provide Only the Best

Almost all the mobile phone manufacturing companies are designing their newest model for their costumers every year. HTC, one of the leading developers of mobile phones, have come up with a new handset: the HTC Sensation XE. It is the remake of the HTC Sensation classic but with a twist. With its wide range of features, the HTC Sensation XE can be the next popular mobile phone in the market.

5 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 4S

Apple’s new iPhone 4S smart phone is all set to thump the globe with its supreme class features. The best smart phone in the industry has got a touch better with the enablement of fresh features on hardware, networking and software fronts. There are strong apprehensions amongst the end users to buy and iPhone 4S or hold back at the moment.

Can the iPhone 4S Beat the Android Threat?

Apple’s iPhone 4S has been launched at a time where in Android’s supremacy in the tech segment is scooting up at an exponential pace too. The tech analysts firmly believe that iPhone will be able to keep the Android threat at bay at least for the next 5 years if not more. The innovation quotient of Apple is higher than Android and most of the variants focus on scaling up the camera or processor features with least focus on innovative services.

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