Oppo’s New Color-Changing Smartphone…

Instant Photo Uploads on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Instant photo uploads on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ensure that all your friends and family can enjoy your multimedia the minute you’ve captured it though the integrated Google+ application. This sleek handset also packs a 4.65 inch Super AMOELD display which is great for watching videos and using a a viewfinder with the HD video camera functionality.

Pay With Your Phone on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Pay with your phone on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which comes with the Google Wallet application preloaded and allows you to simply tap your device at the point of sale in order to pay for goods. This remarkable handset which is a venture between Google and its maker Samsung respectively also offers many other unique features.

Is It Safe Sending Mobile Phones to Recycling Websites?

Ever-increasing numbers of people are coming to realise the benefits of recycling their old mobile phones. There is a greater awareness that simply dumping phones with the daily household rubbish has long-term consequences for the environment as they contain harmful rare earth metals like cadmium and non-degradable plastics. And many people have come to realise that putting their old phones away in case of some future emergency means that they will probably end up forgotten.

GPS Enabled Cell Phones And Tracking

Are you using a cell phone GPS tracking system? Do you receive reliable, real-time actionable data that can benefit your business?

Reverse Phone Lookup – Find Out Who’s Calling You

Do you receive on a regular basis annoying calls from mystery numbers? And you have absolutely no idea who it could be or worse you receive regular calls from non-listed or non-identified numbers? Now there’s a way to be able to trace who you want, what number you want and find out who’s calling you! All thanks to a service known as the Reverse Phone Lookup.

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