OUKITEL WP15 5G ๐Ÿ”‹ 15,600mAh Battery Monster – First Look!

Cellphone Safety

Every time we turn round we hear of something else that is bad for us; but all too often we don’t hear about it until it’s far too late. Every now and again though, we do get to hear about something in time to be able to act and protect ourselves. For years there has been controversy over cell phone safety and the effects on our bodies from the huge levels of electromagnetic energy emitted by these devices.

Is Android Operating System More FUN Than Apple IOS?

Today we are asking the question – “Is Android Operating System more fun than Apple iOS?” The latest android operating system is called Ice Cream Sandwich!

Top Ten Free BlackBerry Apps

RIM’s BlackBerry new smart phones line up are gaining popularity. Instead of using it for calling and texting, users are using it to connect to facebook, emailing, video chatting, geotagging, internet browsing and much more. With the use of BlackBerry appworld application store, users can extend their BlackBerry’s functionality. Applications with common functionality or features in few dozen categories can be searched there. BlackBerry was originally known as a professional business person’s mobile communication device of choice.

Emergency Cell Phones For Teens

Cell phones are the easiest and quickest way for your children to contact you in emergency situations; however the question of whether to get a prepaid cell phone plan or a contract plan needs to be considered. What is the best type of cell phone plan for emergency situations involving teenagers?

International SIM Cards – The Ideal Option for International Travelers

One of the major drawbacks associated with travelling overseas is the feeling of being disconnected from the rest of the world. This is because international calling can be too expensive due to which many people tend to get sad as they are unable to stay in contact with their friends, relatives and even family members back at home at all times. Therefore, if you often need to travel overseas you must do yourself a favor and get an International SIM Card as soon as possible, this will surely help you reduce a great deal of your expense on international…

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